Thursday, May 4, 2017

Happy 10 months, Anna!

Anna is a busy girl these days! She continues to be pensive and calm, but we are beginning to see a little determination in her spirit. I am amazed and thankful for the way her siblings dote on her. Anna loves their attention. She experience her first little bout of separation anxiety this month at church. Thankfully, it seems to have passed quickly!

Diaper: size 4/5
Clothing: 12 and 18 month

Likes: kisses and tickles, drumming on her tummy, acquiring an object she set her sights on, a favorite toy (it changes, but it seems like there is always something we know will make her eyes light up), shaking her head and hands back and forth
Dislikes: sleeping with a runny nose, mom walking away

Eating: Anna is still eating mostly purees. We rejoice that she is eating them so well! She has also gotten very good with puffs and will chew small soft food (liked cubed sweet potato or banana), if I feed her with a fork. Her iron levels (hemoglobin) were low at her 9 month check-up, so we are diligent about giving her fortified cereal daily. Oatmeal cereal, to be exact, as it turned out that rice cereal was the cause of her constipation! Prunes continue to be a staple in her diet :) She still nurses throughout the day, but is definitely losing interest and not drinking as much.

Sleep: We achieved sleeping through the night . . . and then Anna got sick . . . again!!! But we know she can do it, and that is incredibly encouraging. She is continues to take a morning and afternoon nap.

Routine: An ideal day-

7:30 First feeding of the day
9:00 Nap
11:00 Wake
1:00 Nap
3:00 Wake
7:00 Down for bed
9:00-10:00 Nurse and back to bed for the night <--- still doing a dream feed

Physically: Anna has cut three teeth on the top! That is a large part of her runny nose woes. She is kind of crawling. Her method isn't so much an army crawl as just pulling herself forward with her hands bit by bit. It is effective, though her heavy frame makes it a challenge! She is now able go from her tummy to a sitting position and back to her tummy. The splits she does would make a ballerina jealous! We love that she doesn't fall over anymore.

Communication: Anna loves to wave at people and especially loves waving at her reflection. She says all finished when prompted while eating. She really impressed a crowd at Bible study last night when she started babbling and I whispered, "Anna, be quiet," and she kept up the same babbling, but in a whisper. She copies lots of sounds the kids make and has even picked up on saying "ahhhhhh" when we go across a bumpy bridge.

Next appointment: June 29, 2017 10:30am

Ready to eat in MS

Still my sweet little sleeper. Her giraffe is a favorite toy.
(Side note, all our other kids were in a convertible carseat at this age. The new seat goes up to 30lbs!)

Southern Miss baseball!

Selfies for Dad while he was in Ecuador
Quiet observation . . . 

. . . "ok, I'm going for it!"

Her first Easter egg hunt

There was a lot of excitement to watch

Our four peas in a pod.
(How we would fit one more baby in the bathtub was Josiah's biggest concern about having another baby. It works . . . mostly!)

Anna's first Dave's birthday

Not so sure about her Easter bucket

But it was full of puffs, so she accepted our humble efforts

Pics of Anna's first Easter

Post dream feed snuggles are top notch!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Happy 9 months, Anna!

I tend to find 9 months to be a particularly poignant age. We have now had sweet Anna in our lives as long as she was in my tummy! It is also a very fun age, as she is starting to move and babble more and more. I see a determination in her spirit that may be a little like her sister Lydia's. I'm not sure how 9 months have already passed, but we can't imagine life without our Anna girl!

Weight: 24 lbs 14 oz (99%)
Length: 29.25 in (93%)
Head: 44.5 cm (64%)
Diaper: size 4/5
Clothing: 12 month

Likes: reaching for things, being tickled, kisses, her fingers, making funny faces when she tries new food, patting things (her tummy, the table, my arm while I'm burping her), a favorite plush giraffe
Dislikes: mom leaving her with a stranger (sometimes)

Eating: We added green beans to her repertoire and she didn't to mind the lumpy texture. She made a pretty funny face, but she ate it! Anna is doing better with the bottle this month (finally!) and is eating from the spoon very well. She continues to be a great nurser and I am so thankful she is becoming a good eater too.

Sleep: Anna contines to improve. She seems to sleep well for a week or two, then get in the habit of waking for a week or two. We are making sure she gets plenty of solids so we can be sure she isn't hungry. She tends to go to sleep very easily and will still sometimes fall asleep in her carseat on the go. (Definitely a perk of having the 30lb limit infant seat!)

Routine: An ideal day-

7:30 First feeding of the day
9:00 Nap
11:00 Wake
1:00 Nap
3:00 Wake
7:00 Down for bed
9:00-10:00 Nurse and back to bed for the night <--- still doing a dream feed

Physically: Her eyes are still blue! We may have a blue eyed baby. Anna's hair is the same dusty brown she was born with and it is continuing to fill in nicely. She has delectable arm rolls that we can't get enough of. We are in a phase where she is very grabby. If we aren't careful, she will clear the table if we put her chair close enough. She mostly likes to hold her table conquests moreso than put them in her mouth. She is sitting up quite well now (though has yet to get herself into a sitting position) and is beginning to pull herself around a little (though has yet to get herself into a crawling position).

Communication: Anna's is repeating more sounds. We've heard dadada and mamama. She is delighted when she waves at someone.

Next appointment: April 12, 2017 10:15am <--- had to change it to accommodate travels

she continues to be a big fan of hook 'em horns

Spider Man loves babies!

oh brothers :)

Anna on Sarah's school community day

she isn't lacking attention :)

Anna's first time in the grass! She was fascinated!

The progression of Lydia giving kisses . . .

she sits in a big girl chair sometimes

Anna and Josiah turned on the charm after church 

We got to see Uncle T and Aunt Laura Kathryn on her 9-monthiversary!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Happy 8 months, Anna!

We are having such fun with our smiley Anna. Gone are the stoic days of old and in are spontaneous giggles and smiles just for glancing in her direction. She is a people person and continues to have a sense of curiosity about all that is happening around her. We are savoring every minute as she grows!

Diaper: size 3 & 4
Clothing: 9, 12 month

Likes: going after a toy, rolling, holding/grabbing things, sucking her fingers, tickles, kisses, the kids dropping something in front of her or popping bubble wrap
Dislikes: BOTTLES, squished legs, having her nose wiped, mom walking away (we'll see if this sticks!)

Eating: I was really worried about Anna not being very good at spoon feeding. While she still doesn't prefer it over nursing, I found that if I catch her when she is hungry she is much better at eating from the spoon. Just knowing she can do it is a huge weight off our minds! She has had rice and oatmeal cereal, sweet potatoes, squash, and prunes. Lots of prunes per the doctors order, as she tends to stay pretty backed up. We also give her puffs and she is just starting to figure out that she can swallow them. Most of the month if she got one in her mouth she would spit it right back out!

Sleep: We did much better the past month! Anna slept through the night for about two weeks straight and then started waking again. I suspected an ear infection, but the doctor gave her a clean bill of health. The past couple of nights she has slept through again and hopefully we are back on track!

Routine: An ideal day-

7:30 First feeding of the day
9:00 Nap
11:00 Wake
12:30 Nap
2:30 Wake
4:00 Nap (sometimes- usually a shorter one)
7:00 Down for bed
9:00-10:00 Nurse and back to bed for the night <--- we don't seem to be able to kick the dream feed

Physically: Anna is soooo giggly this month and we are having such fun making her laugh. She doesn't get much peace during the day! Her eyes are beginning to get a hazel ring around the middle, so this may be the last month of our blue eyed baby. Time will tell! She is rolling, spinning, scooting, sliding and using all available means of slowly maneuvering around a space. She currently loves to have something in her hands, but what she's holding doesn't go instantly to her mouth. Her fingers, on the other hand, are often in her mouth. We have named her preferred sucked position "hook 'em horns." She is holding steady at 2 bottom teeth with nothing else currently peeking through. (But for the record, both Lydia and Sarah have molars breaking through!) Sitting up is going well, but I'm not confident enough to leave her unsupported.

Communication: She is saying "dadadadada" and starting to wave goodbye.

Next appointment: March 29, 2017 10:45am

I had almost as many videos as pictures this month- evidence that she is becoming more active!

Receiving a valentine from Sarah

"Seriously mom, prune mustaches aren't cool."

Wearing a hat made by Gigi

Her first Mardi Gras.
Josiah said, "Mom got the baby!"

"Puffs, please get in my belly"
(But seriously, Anna, you didn't even like to swallow them?!?!)

Hook 'em horns

Big Four on Valentine's Day

Receiving her special card from Dad

Anna came out on top . . . I think that made her the winner

Just chewing on the table