Sunday, October 1, 2017

Happy 3 years, Lydia!

Lydia is full of life! She is physical and loud and persistent in all that she does. She is full of spunk and incredibly funny. We have seen her be brave this year, as well as kind. I love how she runs with the big kids, but it also makes her grow up a little too fast sometimes. She is dearly loved!

Weight: 41.8 lbs
Height: 38.25"

Diapers: size 5, undies
Clothing: 3-5T, shoe: size 9

Likes: all things Frozen (the movie, though she really gets tickled if you put ice in her drink), taking her hair down, singing, dancing, being with people, laughing, being read to

Dislikes: leaving shoes on in the car, hair wash night

6:30-7am Awake for the day!
9:00am Alone time in her room while we start school
10:30 Snack time and read alouds
12:00 Lunch and outside play
1:00-3pm Nap (the real deal)
5:30 Dinner
7pm Bed

Sleep: Lydia tends to sleep well and wake up happy. She also tends to wake up singing, which is kind of tricky since she shares a room with Sarah, but still sweet. She likes to sleep with a pink blanket, pink Beary, Lambie, and two pacis (one for her mouth, one for her hand).

Physically: She is just staring to stretch out and thin out. I think our "squishy baby" will need a new nickname by her next birthday. She seems to have very normal gross and fine motor skills and a sense of adventure that keeps her progressing. Her hair has grown sooo much over the past year. We are batting around the idea of a first hair cut soon!

Food: Lydia is a good eater and generally not very picky. She likes to dip given any opportunity, even if that mean strawberries in ketchup at Chick Fil A. We currently battle keeping her on task and in her seat at meal times, but it is a battle we plan to win :) She loves cheese, yogurt, mac & cheese, and grapes. (Surprisingly, she doesn't love cake!)

Communication: Lydia is full of words. Usually loud words! And if not loud, dramatic words. She says everything on her mind these days. We can almost always understand her, but others don't always know what she is saying if she gets going fast. She has a lot of inflection in her voice that almost makes it sounds like she is singing all the time.

Potty training: Once school started last year, re-potty training had to give. So we didn't worry about it for several months. In April we made a concerted effort to retrain with great success. She currently does all her business on the big potty and wipes herself. We still put a diaper on her when she is in bed, but no long in the car.

Fun things:
- The nursery ladies graduated Lydia to Children's Church and Preschool Sunday School. She danced her way through her first Sunday in the service for the music.
- Lydia was that kid who started potty training by visiting every bathroom in the tri-state just to see what it looks like, even though we all knew she wasn't going to go on any potty other than her potty at home :)
- When people ask how old she is, they don't get the short answer. She has been saying that she is two, but about to be three. And when she turns three her daddy is going to take her pacis away. It's quite the conversation starter.

First time bowling . . . she was super funny.

Her friend took the girls to the nail salon for her birthday.

Her first pony tail!

She asked me to take a photo of her with the fence :)

Chick Fil A kids night.

Lydia put together an all pink outfit.

Anna was her dog on a leash . . . 

She dressed up during nap and asked me to take a picture of her pose.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Happy 7 years, Sarah!

Here we are at seven years. Seven years since a baby was put in our arms and our world was changed. What a joy it is to do life with Sarah! She is helpful, compassionate, sensitive, and kind: a perfect big sister. As she grows, we find it is increasingly exciting to have conversations with Sarah (she has always been known for having lots of words). Her view of the world is curious and forgiving and I am regularly challenged by her sweet faith that what God is doing is a good thing. It is indeed sweet, Sarah!

Weight: 56lbs 2oz (73%)
Height: 49in (68%)
Blood Pressure: 90/64
BMI: 70%
Clothes: 7/8, M
Shoe: size 1 (out of the children's shoes!!!)

Likes: all things hospital, read-alouds, leading imaginative play, dancing, the familiar, sweet treats

Dislikes: being confused about the rules or expectations, having to work really hard, yard work :)

A day in the life:

7:00am: Sarah and Lydia stay in their room until wake-up time and usually come out together ready for some snuggles or pretending to be princesses.

Morning: Morning time is school time. We get started around 9:00 when Dave leaves for work and Anna goes down (hopefully) for a good nap.

Lunch: Sarah's favorite lunch would probably be a fluffernutter and green peppers. She is a good eater!

1:00pm: She rests/reads on a trundle in the guest room. At 2:00 she plays.

Afternoon: We reconvene to play and finish up any lingering school work.

Dinner: Typically we sit down together. Sarah often has lots to say and loves telling Dave about her day.

Bedtime: Sarah does her bedtime routine and then has about 30 minutes to read/look-at-books in bed.

Random, but fun:
* For her birthday lunch Sarah chose the local buffet and ate totally from the salad bar and dessert table.
* Her favorite subject this year was read-aloud time. When we finished a book she would write a narration page. I saw much growth in this area! Least favorite was her reading lesson. She said she is most looking forward to new read-aloud books.
* Over the summer we enjoyed many programs at the library and Sarah even won tickets to a local indoor water park. She also took fiddle lessons and swimming lessons.
* Sarah continues to love all things hospital and nursing. When we go to the library she heads straight to the non-fiction medicine shelf.
* Big milestones were getting her first library card and learning to ride her bike without training wheels!

Getting to match is one of their favorites!

Sarah received pink scrubs for her 6th birthday and wore them LOTS after Anna was born.

Nobody likes a well-visit as much as this girl.

Josiah was helping her try riding without training wheels.
Their relationship is still very special!

First day of 1st grade!

She spent lots of time on the floor doing tummy time with Anna.

I brought my own doctor to Anna's 3 month well-visit.
When our doctor had to step out during the appointment, we took a photo op with her tools :)

A science experience with our Classical Conversations community.

She and the tooth fairy are pen pals.
I love this :)

Her very own patient.

One of the braver things Sarah has done. It surprised us and she had a great time!
This is at the apple fevistival at Reed's Orchard in Owensboro.

I love when she writes her messages and thoughts.
There may be nothing sweet than misspelled heartfelt words.

Our friend Kim took Sarah out for Christmas.
Sarah chose to go to the hospital and Kim let her pick out a gift for a new baby.

Mary in our school Christmas program.

Her dear nurse friend, Ms. Meredith.

A special school day at Starbucks. 

Her first time bowling!

For Christmas we took Sarah to the Doc McStuffins exhibit at the Indianapolis Children's Museum.
She was prepared, stethoscope and all! 

She really likes to design her plate.

Meeting her little fiddle.

Sarah loves having our neighbor over to play.

Reading her Valentine from Dave.

PJ day at school.

Their first time watching Star Wars. 

A regular sight on a regular morning.

She worked really hard on Josiah's birthday card. It was really cool!

Our dear neighbors from the Cape.
They were so good to Sarah when she was little.

A friend from the Cape came to play for the day!

Sarah learned to ride without training wheels this spring.

First library card! She loves to fill it up :)

Last day of 1st grade.

At the end of lessons her fiddle class performed at the local Bluegrass Festival, ROMP.

Can you see Sarah?

They are building a restaurant next to Starbucks. We have enjoyed watching them build.

Playing at the circus exhibit at the Children's Museum.

Birthday morning!!! Dave made a "7" pancake.

I made a "7" cake.