Saturday, April 14, 2018

Happy 21 months, Anna!

As always, it is hard to believe we are here. Almost to two with our babiest of babies. She is growing beautifully and maturing wonderfully. We are smitten with our Anna!

Diapers: size 5- no interest in potty training
Clothing: 2T, 3T

Likes: singing, the piano, being carried, kisses, raiding the candy cabinet, bath time, snuggling baby dolls

Dislikes: eating when she isn't hungry, being put down when she wants to be held <- basically not getting what she wants :)

7am Awake for the day!
9:00-10:30am   Play in her room
12:00-3pm   Nap
7pm   Down for bed

Sleep: Anna is a good napper, but we are still working to transition to one nap a day and efficiently accomplish school with the big kids in the morning. She continues to wake occasionally at night. We take great care to make sure she is very full before bed and pray for the best!

Physically: Anna has taken steps! She is very cautious and growing in courage. Her hair is so long and pretty, all her teeth have broken through, and she has the most sweet smile when she is feeling playful.

Food: I think she is my pickiest child. If she isn't hungry, she isn't bothered. She usually loves blueberries, raisins, mashed sweet potato, and cut up peanut butter sandwich. Anna has a cup of warm whole milk 3-4 times a day, sometimes drinking it well and other times not. She often likes to be fed, but is sometimes insistent on feeding herself. I don't feel like we've fully figured her out.

Communication: Anna has added words to her vocabulary, though most of what she says is babbling. She loves joining in routines, like folding her hands when we pray before bed and saying "amen" (sometimes before we are finished praying!) and then singing along to her goodnight song. It doesn't sound anything like the song, but she sings it the same way every night. Words she says most often: bye-bye, more, hi, no-no, yeah. Often when we ask her a question she just grins. At least she is cute :)

Fun things:
- We borrowed a walker from the physical therapist and Anna felt large and in charge as she was learning to walk. She also got her first really good busted lip :(
- She loves to say one, two, three and hold up a variety of fingers before we pull her down the slide or jump off something.
- Anna started walking at almost the exact same age as Sarah. Sarah took off when she began, while Anna has been much more slow to use her newfound talent. (21 months, 1 day for Sarah; 20 months, 22 days for Anna)

Anna loves her walker at PT!

Sarah could coax her to stand unassisted.

I caught her playing standing up. If she gets distracted and doesn't think about it, she'll do it!

Big fun at the Louisville Science Center.

BIG fun :)

Ms. Kim always bring the good times and smiles.

Anna's loves to "love" things . . . babies, pillows, balls, etc.

She has been a favorite recipient of Josiah's homemade generosity. 

She loves bath time, especially when she gets the tub to herself.
(Don't mind the brown...the paint was peeling off the tub, so we scraped it.)

Silly girl joining the big kids in outside play.

Best dad ever :)

Passing out water at the Tell City half marathon.

Rug burn to the nose at PT. That smile is still contagious!

She still gives us some good cuddles.


Our little Einstein :)

All the kids like to go to PT . . . I have to hold the big kids back so Anna can play :)

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Happy 18 months, Anna!

Our sweet Anna is on the brink of being a big girl. This is most evident in the way hangs with the big kids. She likes to play with them in her own way and they love to include her. She is snuggly and observant and a perfect fit for our family.

Weight: 28.6 lbs (96th%)
Height: 33 in (84th%)
Head: 47 cm (70th%)

Diapers: size 5
Clothing: 2T, 3T

Likes: chasing Josiah's remote controlled car, coloring with crayons, utensils, putting legos on her fingers, the reverse walker at PT, identifying body parts (nose, belly button, etc), being in the water

Dislikes: mom leaving her with a sitter . . . or leaving at all after the sitter, eating something she isn't interested in

7am Awake for the day!
9:00-11am   Nap (most days)
1:00-3pm   Nap (may not sleep if she gets a good morning nap)
7pm   Down for bed

Sleep: A runny nose is the only thing that will get our girl down in this department. She moved in with Josiah before Christmas and they are doing quite well together. They each like having the company at night, for better or worse. Now that they novelty has worn off it is almost always for better! His room is nice and dark, which makes for great naps.

Physically: Anna's hair has gotten a little longer- she had her first pigtails! Her eyes are still a dark blue and the has a chunky cheeky smile. She has many new teeth and seems to be getting a break in that department. That helps us all get more sleep! Anna is now cruising well and will walk holding our fingers. This is a huge improvement for our girly who wouldn't put weight on her legs six months ago! She is going to physical therapy for one hour a week (we love our physical therapist!) and we are seeing steady progression.

Food: We have laid off the iron and Anna has gotten much more comfortable with finger foods. She really likes using a fork though, much more than her fingers. We still feed her sometimes and give her pureed pouches to make sure the is getting good veggies. She really likes soft foods, like chicken pot pie and overnight pumpkin oatmeal. Anna loves blueberries. We give her a cup of milk about four times a day.

Communication: Anna had about 8 distinct words (waa-waa, bye-bye, hi, yeah, touchdown, yay, no-no, uh-oh) going into her 18 month well-visit, so we have been referred for a speech therapy evaluation. We'll see how that goes! She is babbling lots these days. One night at dinner it sounded like she was babbling the alphabet song, but we couldn't be sure. She has perfected her "all finished" and "more please" signs and uses them really well.

Fun things:
- Anna is in an "explore via taste" phase that we look forward to passing. The kids are good at helping me notice that she has something in her mouth. She has perfected her innocent face :)
- We went for a swim in the seminary pool recently and Anna was in heaven. She had so much fun and many of her inhibitions with standing were lessen while in the water.
- Anna doesn't dance on her own much (she is too focused on standing to move her backside or arms), but she loves for us to pick her up and dance with her. She gets a crinkly eyed smile that is priceless.
- Josiah can get Anna out of her crib in the morning, which means we don't have to get up right at 7:00! She also sometimes gets a serious case of the giggles just before bed. The anticipation of a good night kiss on her cheek does her in.
- Anna had her first original glazed doughnut from Krispy Kreme and her first sucker!

When Anna starting pulling up she loved joining the kids at the tiny table.

The first of Anna's walking apparatus at physical therapy.

On to a little more free swinging.

Tom Brady's number one fan for Halloween.

She likes being a big kid :)

The day she started cruising!

Determined to color on the card table.

Her first sucker while we watch the big kids at church on a Wednesday night.

The current favorite- a reverse walker.
She rejected pushing the shopping cart for more time with the walker last week!

The Sunday before Christmas was tiring for everyone.

Anna meeting her stocking!

Her siblings love expanding her world.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

A story of God's goodness . . . new fridge edition

Written back on July 25 just after our new fridge was delivered.

Throughout the past 24 hours Dave and I keep looking at each other and saying things like, "could that have been any more miraculous?" We have both been reading through the Old Testament and it says over and over that the stories were to be told to their children and written down for the generation to come. Tell the stories of God's faithfulness regularly so that when things aren't as clear you remember His goodness.So here is the story of the our new fridge.

Three out of our four kids have colds. Anna had a terrible night, the kind where it doesn't really feel like the day begins at six, but at nine the night before when you thought you were going to bed. A trip to see the doctor is definitely at the top of the day. I noticed that the milk felt different and there was some condensation, but tyranny of the urgent won. We went to see the doctor in Owensboro.

With a "just summer colds" diagnosis we arrive home right at lunch time. I go straight to the fridge to make a bottle for Anna and I know that things aren't right. Sure enough, food in the freezer is also starting to thaw. I call Dave and leave a message, then send him a text message as well. I move the freezer things to the deep freeze, call Samsung to see if I can get any service recommendations, fend off a thousand questions from the kids, try to find a service man online (not how to do it in rural KY), and then give up and move the fridge food to the mini-fridge and coolers.

Side note: I laughed at Dave's college mini fridge when we were first married. That mini-fridge has saved us through several tricky refrigerator situations!

Dave finishes his lunch meeting and gives me a call. He has already messaged a couple of men and is starting to get some recommendations for guys to call and is on his way home. Once he arrived he checks a few basics and starts leaving messages for the repair men. No one answers his call, but within a half hour or so he gets a call back. This man had a cancellation while he was eating lunch and can come right over. It is a blessing to him and to us.

Later we find out that he is the only service man left in Tell City/Hawesville and that it normally takes a week to get an appointment with him. He was at the house within the hour of Dave's call. Miracle.

He went to work on the fridge. I was thankful for Dave's flexible schedule that afternoon. Barry even came by the house to work on a flyer so Dave could help me! Then we got the diagnosis: a stuck compressor. He said a new compressor is as much a new appliance and his recommendation was to start fresh.

This man was really nice and let us ask him a load of questions about brands, warranties, appliance stores, deals, and types of fridges. He was able to give us local recommendations and the knowledge of which machines he was fixing most often. We felt like this conversation and the time he took talking to us set us up for the next phase of the process.

We decided to go to a local store in Tell City that was open until 5:30. We arrived around 4:45, each child armed with a favorite book and the admonition to stay quiet and still. A salesmen showed us around what they had, told us a little of what they had in stock, and explained that they delivered to KY once a week. If we ordered a refrigerator that would be 7-10 days for delivery to the store, then up to a week before they made their KY deliveries. We were a little bummed that they didn't have what we were looking for in the store, but when we described it the salesman went to get an invoice for a delivery they were doing the next day. It was for the exact type of fridge we were looking for, in the right color, at a reasonable price. He said that it was being picked up from a supplier and delivered to KY tomorrow. If we liked it, they would just pick up two units and have it to the house later in the day.

What?!?! It could have easily taken us two weeks to have a new fridge in the house, and that is only if we decided on one right away. God's goodness.

Our maintenance man said it wasn't advertised, but they would price match with Lowes and Home Depot. Sure enough he knocked the price down a little lower. By 5:15 we were paid up walking out the door. (Or rather chugging . . . the kids and I played train while Dave did paperwork.) We painted behind behind the fridge while it was empty and easy to move, a spot I didn't get to when I painted the kitchen, and then scrubbed the floor that night.

I expected the delivery late in the day, but heard a knock just after noon. At 1:00 they were rolling away with the old fridge and our new baby was cooling down in it's freshly painted home. (Mom, remember that time you helped Dave pick up a new-to-us fridge and move the old one out? "Measured" will now forever be in quotes when it comes out of Dave's mouth.)

Over the last year not a lot of things have gone as planned. We have wondered why things have gone the way they did. How could that have been God's goodness? And we read His word and trust Him through it all. Then we have days like yesterday. Twenty-four hours from discovering a warm fridge we have a new one quickly getting cool.


Saturday, December 2, 2017

The Nutcracker

On Friday, December 1, we kicked off the month with a trip to see The Nutcracker. It was presented by Owensboro Dance and the performers we local youth. There was a unique hometown feel to the show.

This was our first trip to The Riverpark Theatre in Owensboro. The venue is between the Bluegrass Music Museum and Smoothers Park, so we pass it reguarly, but have never ventured in. It was bigger than I expected and gave the kiddos a real theatre experience.

The three big kids dressed up and we talked about theatre etiquette. The performance we attended was one of two hour-long shows designed specifically for school groups. A special treat was that they left the curtain up during intermission so we could watch them clean up and change the set.

The kiddos favorite parts were the flying characters (they made full use of their flying apparatus) and the humor. There was even a clown nurse, which Sarah, naturally, loved.

It is a joy to expose the kiddos to such beauty and history! And Lydia's subsequent twirling and "balleting" is delightful :)

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Happy 15 months, Anna!

Anna is a charmer. She is quiet and calm, so when she turns on a smile or giggle it is entirely infectious. We are getting a better glimpse at the appearance and personality that she'll have and we are smitten :)

Weight: 26.3 lbs (95th%)
Height: 31.5 in (82th%)
Head: 46.5 cm (73th%)

Diapers: size 5
Clothing: 18/24 month, 2T

Likes: hanging with the big kids, destroying puzzles, chasing balls, being in a lap, doing "touch down," being tickled

Dislikes: being left alone, taking medicine, being sick

7am Awake for the day!
9:00-11am   Nap
1:00-3pm   Nap
7pm   Down for bed

Sleep: Things are mostly better in this department- praise the Lord! We have dropped the dream feed and she is (finally!!!) getting good long sleep. Dave and I are big believers in long sleep for healthy growth and have mourned the lack of long sleep for our Anna. Quite recently she had a really rough patch, but her doctor noted at the well visit that she has about 5 teeth popping through and could be having a growth spurt. I think she may be ready to drop the morning nap, but I'm not sure that I'm ready.

Physically: Right now she is holding steady with her six faithful teeth, but I think we'll have a change in the tooth count soon! Her hair is getting longer and we have started pulling it into a little pony in the front. It is pretty adorable. The biggest news is that she has started pulling up- yay! She isn't anywhere near walking, but she is a fast crawler and we are seeing steady improvement. Her fine motor skills appear to be on track.

Food: Anna still likes purees, so we usually give her some finger foods to work on while we fix a meal for the rest of the kids. After that, she get purees. Favorites are apple sauce, blueberries, and crackers. Her iron is back within the range of normal, but just barely. So we are continuing to give her fortified cereal and other iron rich foods.

Communication: She is a chatty girl, but doesn't say much! She sometimes does her sign for "all finished" and she loves to say "Dadda". I'm telling you, she won't need to learn any other words if she keeps grinning and saying "Dadda"! She also says a version of "touch down" along with the motion in response to "What does Tom Brady throw?" Parenting priorities, people. But it doesn't sufficiently impress the doctor who wants 15 words by 18 months, so we're keeping an eye on the word count.

Fun things:
- Anna likes to be where the action is, and that often means that she hangs out in our bathroom while we are getting ready in the morning.
- We are officially at the stage where the kids have to put puzzles up high and keep doors closed if they don't want Anna to get into them.

"Mooommmm. This suit is a little small . . . "
Sorry, Anna, that your swim suit didn't cover your belly.
But hey, first time in the ocean!!!

She didn't love the moment as much as we did :)

Her brother and sisters make her laugh like nobody else.
He was giving her rides around the house by pushing her in the toy basket.

Cool kids.

Enjoying Lydia's birthday to the fullest.

Lydia forgot her shoes when we went grocery shopping, so Anna got her first ride in the big kid cart.

At a friend's birthday party . . . turned out she had strep that day.
(It is so funny to look back at a moment when you know the more full story!)

She stands!!!!!

We were pretty excited about all the pulling up  :)