Thursday, June 29, 2017

Happy 1 year, Anna!

ONE YEAR!!! One year with our sweet Anna Caroline. As one might expect, this year has flown by. We enjoyed flipping back through pictures of the past year yesterday and were amazed (again) at how much a baby changes from birth to six months to one year. It is incredible! Throughout this year when I think of Anna, and particularly of her role in our family, I think the word delight describes her best. She bubbles over with joy when her eyes scrunch up and she smiles. But even more so, she brings so much delight to her siblings. It truly is contagious in the best way, and we are better for her presence.

Weight: 25.9lbs (98%)
Length: 30.5" (91%)
Head: 45.5cm (67%)

Diaper: size 5
Clothing: 18 month/2T

Likes: dancing with mom or dad, tickles, putting bath toys in her mouth, having her toy basket next to her, putting her bow in her mouth, bath time, peek-a-boo, sitting outside to play

Dislikes: being a little hungry, standing up

Eating: Anna's main diet has stayed essentially the same, though the variety of food she has tried has grown greatly. She is chewing very well now and will eat bits of food from dinner or while we are out and about. [think bits of pizza crusts and french fries] I can't tell yet if she is going to be a little picky or if some foods are just easier to eat, but she isn't always open minded about new things. This is especially true if they are finger foods. All things considered, she is a big girl and quite healthy! At this point we have dropped one of her nursing feedings and will gradually continue to wean her. She didn't like the sippy cup, but decided a bottle wasn't so bad (for the first time this year). The doctor said getting her on cows milk was more important than avoiding the bottle, so we go slowly and be thankful she doesn't seem to have any allergies.

Sleep: We are getting some sleep- praise the Lord! She still takes a dream feed sometime between 8:30pm and 10:00pm, but she hasn't been waking up at night and usually sleeps until 7:00am. We are so thankful and all better for it!

Routine: An ideal day. We have had swim lessons in the mornings the last three weeks, so her morning nap has been scarce and on-the-go.

7:00 First feeding of the day
9:00 Nap
11:00 Wake
1:00 Nap
3:00 Wake
7:00 Down for bed
9:00-10:00 Nurse and back to bed for the night <--- still doing a dream feed

Communication: This month she added blowing kisses to her bag of tricks :)

Well visit: We had a few things to discuss at this mornings well visit. (1) The bottle v. cup issue noted above. We'll stick with the bottle for now. (2) Her lack of putting weight on her legs. We are still on the waiting list for PT and our doctor said she is definitely behind. At this point they don't expect walking, but they do expect a child to be pulling up and cruising. Anna has only pulled up a couple of times and only to her knees. (3) Low hemoglobin. Her levels were low at her 9-month visit so they retested and the results were the same. (I was taking supplements, so they anticipated that her levels would rise.) More extensive blood work showed that it is at the very bottom of normal range, so we are adding a multivitamin for three months and then retesting.

Next appointment: Friday, September 29, 2017 10:15am

Cook ladies on Memorial Day

A happy baby is a baby whose siblings hopped out of the pool and joined her on the blanket

A very sweaty day at the zoo on mom's back

Happy baby was delighted by the swing.

A rare pic of the whole fam!
We were at the seminary to run some errands and go swimming.

Lydia: "Can you make Anna get down on her hands so we can go?"
[Lydia is holding the other end of the scarf which she tied around Anna's tummy.]
Little sister or personal pet?

Our last night with our eleven-month-old.

My sweet, beautiful baby!

Much to celebrate!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Happy 11 months, Anna!

Not much has changed over the last month, but we continue to fall more in deeply love with our youngest's personality. She is so happy and loves being able to scoot around and play with toys. Her siblings are still her greatest delight and chief joy. Anna's smile is infectious!

Diaper: size 4/5
Clothing: 12 and 18 month

Likes: tickles and kisses and monkey bites, doing her tricks (clapping, shaking her head, mouth noises), letters in the bathtub

Dislikes: self feeding, being put down when she thought she was getting snuggles (oh the attracities!), using her legs

Eating: Anna is still on a healthy diet of sweet potatoes, squash, prunes and pears, but we enjoy giving her little bits of what we are having for dinner. She doesn't think it is as exciting as we do :) A lot of times we have to touch a new food to her lips before she will acknowledge that it is edible. (It may be that all that forcing antibiotics down over the winter made her a little wary of our motives!) She is loving cheerios and I love that she can munch a little while I fix food.

Sleep: Not a great month, but she has done well the last few nights. She could really do without any more teeth, right?!

Routine: An ideal day (no change)-

7:30 First feeding of the day
9:00 Nap
11:00 Wake
1:00 Nap
3:00 Wake
7:00 Down for bed
9:00-10:00 Nurse and back to bed for the night <--- still doing a dream feed

Physically: Anna's hair is coming in really nicely. I love the shape of her hair! She has four teeth on top and two on the bottom. Her method for sitting up involves rolling through a split. She does it without blinking! Our doctor advised me to give them a call before her 12 month visit if I was worried about her gross motor skills. I made that call at 11 months and she had a hip x-ray that came back normal. She is now on a waiting list at the local physical therapy clinic and we'll see which comes first- progress or an appointment! (The waitlist is why the doctor had me call before her well visit.) She has the cutest little scrunched nose smile :)

Communication: We think Anna has starting saying "night night" along with waving when we make the rounds before putting her to bed. She is very pleased with herself either way, and loves the attention at that time of day.

Next appointment: June 29, 2017 10:30am

Four peas in a {very tight} pod

Strawberry picking

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Happy 5 years, Josiah!

Five years feels so big! Josiah brings such kindness to our family. He is thoughtful and helpful and playful and full of life. His cheeks glow when he is having a good time and he loves to care for little ones. He asks to do his "school" and takes correction well. Josiah is a very solid and helpful presence in our family.

Weight: 47 lbs (90%)
Height: 46.25 in (99%)
Clothing: 6T, shoe size 1

Likes: riding his bike, helping solve a problem, playing construction, making others happy, Star Wars, watching shows (Paw Patrol, PJ Masks, Doc McStuffins), leading Lydia, making Anna laugh, helping Sarah accomplish her plans, being tickled, playgrounds (this kid plays hard), coloring with magic draw, tape

Dislikes: missing out on a project (painting the house, making cookies, etc.), not understanding why things can't go his way, waiting

A day in the life:

7:00am: Josiah comes out of his room
             Breakfast- usually milk and banana, sometimes cereal, and he really likes a special eggs or pancakes morning!

Morning: We are usually home during the morning and Josiah spends a lot of quality time with Lydia while I do school with Sarah. They have developed a really sweet relationship and he is often incredibly patient with his sisters.

Lunch: Josiah loves a turkey sandwich with cheese and lettuce. He eats tons of fruits and veggies. Most often he chooses grapes and green peppers. He almost always has an apple and a cheese stick at some point during the day. He also loves peppermints!

1:00pm: Nap time! He reads or rests until 2:00 and then plays a game or get a toy from the living room until he can come out at 3:00.

Afternoon: Josiah loves to head outside and ride his bike or pretend with Sarah and Ensley (our neighbor). He would watch TV all afternoon if we let him, so we only let him on weekends :)

Dinner: Usually we are eating as a family. He isn't picky! Favorites are spaghetti, hot dogs, and mac and cheese.

Bedtime: He does most of his bedtime routine by himself these days. We both love ending the day praying with him and singing Good Night Josiah or one of his favorite hymns, like Jesus Paid It All.

Fun facts:
* What does he want to be when he grows up? A house painter and nurse's aid (to help Sarah nurse, of course!)
* Blue dog is still his constant companion and comfort. He also continues to sleep with his fingers in his mouth doing the two-finger-throw-back.
* He watches Star Wars with a reference book open on his lap.
* Last summer we took his training wheels off and he never looked back. He loves it when we take his bike to the track at the high school. He rides hard and fast!

A chronological look at the last year . . . my how he has grown!

Downtown Disney for the day

On Pappy's boat

Cousin April's wedding

Airport day

He does very well with his name

Ever my little helper . . . especially if a water gun is involved


They still spontaneously hold hands in crowds or when really excited.

Super Pup is all tucked in with Blue Dog and a favorite story

Potato digging

Meeting Anna!!!

His first VBS

He liked VBS closing ceremony celebration!

Helping Sarah

Fixing water for everyone

Fall Fest at church

Trail of Treats at Vastwood Park

He was incredibly sick this day, but stickers made waiting for the prescription so much better!

Christmas Day

Southern Miss

Treating Lydia to a ride in style

A birthday card for a friend :)

Playing nap time

PJ day at school

Serious Star Wars time

Fun, big brother style

Easter egg hunting

A good knock on the noggin' while Dave was away

Church egg hunt

Easter Day

Seminary Preview Day

Story hour

Assisting Anna in her first big girl shopping cart ride

I let him make his own dinner :)

Just before bed on his last night as a four-year-old